John McCain is an evil man.

He has war on the brain.
All he knows is war. All he likes is war.
He wants to kill and kill and kill.

He dreams about war.

How did he become a "war hero?"
By dropping bombs on women and children.


This is Vicki Iseman. She's 31 years younger than Mr. McCain.

She's rather pretty--and she dots the second "i" of her first name with a happy face.

Aides for Mr. McCain say there's no truth to the rumor that he had an improper relationship with her. Yet, when asked if any of them believe the rumor, their response is "no comment."

That's not evil, but you have to admit it's interesting.

John McCain pretends to be patriot and a war hero. After all, he's a Republican, he's right-wing, and he's a combat veteran. But the truth is, he's not a patriot and he's not a war hero. He's a crazy man.

It all starterd when he was a prisoner of war.

While he was a prisoner, he was tortured and it made him lose his mind.

Instead of buckling under the pain of daily torture, something in his brain snapped.

Instead of coming home a broken man, he came home as an evil, twisted time bomb.

Some people go through pain and gain compassion and understanding. But other people are like junk-yard dogs. They just get mean.

And McCain is so mean that he's downright evil.

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John McCain is evil